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    Process Engineering Design For Oil & Gas (Hysys)

    Course Overview
    Aspen HYSYS is a comprehensive process modeling tool used by the world’s leading oil and gas producers, refineries, and engineering companies for process simulation and process optimization in design and operations. This course will focus on teaching participants how to use HYSYS software in order to model different oil and gas processes for design analysis.  This software will also assist in evaluating the performance of existing oil and gas facilities, process equipment, and plants. Participants will complete the preliminary process of flow diagrams, mass and energy balance, and equipment sizing based on HYSYS operations.  Participants will also learn how to extend objects that allow custom unit operations, kinetic reactions, and property packages to incorporate into HYSYS simulation.  This course will also cover how to build, navigate, and optimize process simulations using HYSYS.

    Course Objective

    1. Initial Evaluation and Course Objectives
      • HYSYS overview and applications
      • Fluid and transport properties
      • Oil and gas property simulation using HYSYS
      • Thermodynamic selection
    2. Process Flow Diagrams, Customized Reports, and Applications
      • Process flow diagrams
      • Material and energy balances
      • Customized reports and applications
    3. Simulation Workshop
      • Oil, gas, and water separators
      • Pump and compressors
      • Valves, fittings, and pipelines
      • Oil pumping and transportation
      • Gas compression plant
      • Oil stabilization plant
      • NGL extraction by mechanical refrigeration
      • NGL fractionation plant simulation
      • Process optimization     

    On the last day, participants will take part in several workshops, including NGL fraction plant simulation and case studies for process optimization.  The day will end with individual final evaluations and a course evaluation.

    Who Should Attend

    • New engineering graduates/technologists who will be using Aspen HYSYS in their daily work
    • Process engineers doing process design and optimization projects and studies
    • Plant engineers checking plant performance under different operating conditions
    • R&D engineers and researchers using Aspen HYSYS for process synthesis



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