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    Design, Modelling & Detailing of Steel and Concrete Structures using Tekla

    Course Overview
    Tekla Structures is a tool for structural engineers, detailers, and fabricators. It is an integrated model-based 3D solution for managing multi-material databases (steel, concrete, timber, etc.). Tekla Structures features interactive modeling, structural analysis and design, and automatic drawing creation.

    Design, Modelling & Detailing of Steel and Concrete Structures using Tekla Structures is developed for structural engineers, designers, detailers and draftsmen who want to learn the use of Tekla Structures for structural design, analysis, detailing, and drafting.

    Course Objectives

    • Create Steel Parts such as Beams, Orthogonal Beams, Curved Beams, Columns, and Contour Plates,
    • Create Concrete Parts such as Pad Footing, Strip Footing, Columns, Beams, Slabs, and Panels,
    • Create Reinforcing Bars, Reinforcing Mesh, Reinforcement Strands, and Reinforcement Splice,
    • Create Assemblies and Sub-assemblies,
    • Create Cast Units,
    • Create Surface Treatments for steel components,
    • Modify the properties of Bolts, Welds, Reinforcement, and Surface Treatments
    • Add bolted connection between steel components,
    • Add welding details to steel components,
    • Apply loads such as Point, Line, Area, Uniform, Wind, and Temperature Loads,
    • Perform Modal Analysis and Seismic Simulation on the design model  to calculate forces, moments, stresses, displacements, deflections, rotations, and warping of the structures under various loading conditions,
    • Transfer data between Tekla Structures and other CAD software, such as AutoCAD, STAAD, and MicroStation,
    • Create 2D drawings such as Single-Part Drawings, Assembly Drawings, General Arrangement Drawings, and Cast Unit Drawings,
    • Create design report for a specific part, specified assemblies of parts, or entire design model,
    • Data output for CNC machines.

    Who Should Attend

    • Experienced structural engineers, designers, and draftsmen who want to acquire additional skills that will enhance growth in their chosen career path or enable a career switch,
    • Fresh graduates who want to acquire industry-relevant technical skills in their chosen career path and have a competitive edge over others.



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