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    Instrument Engineering with Intools


    Intergraph’s software, SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) allows FTS to provide clients with state of the art management of their instrumentation and control assets, by efficiently designing, operating and maintaining plants related to oil and natural gas processing.

    FTS Automation Segment is a leading source for consulting and training of INtools and Intergraph products, as well as Interface Data Migration, Software Customization, Data Integrity and Lifecycle Solution. This training is designed to maximize value and minimize risk, driving the success of our clients further. We have qualified trainers, consultants and project specialists available to assist in a variety of situations.

    During this training course, our experts give technical & theoretical experience to students and define the instruments using SmartPlant Instrumentation according to delivered project specifications. Being a well-known company from Maharashtra (India), we are extremely popular for offering excellent SPI INtools Training Services to our students.


    Topics covered in this course are:

    • System and Project Administration Overview
    • Instrument Index
    • Process Data
    • Calculations
    • Specifications
    • Wiring
    • Loop Diagrams
    • Hookups
    • Foundation Fieldbus
    • Brief overview of Field Bus, External Spec Editor, External Process Data Editor and Integration Specific to SPI

    Objectives of SPI INtools

    • Specific Integration of SPI and Field Bus
    • Understand System and Project Administration
    • External Process Data Editor
    • External Spec Editor
    • Process Data and Use Browser Module (User Report Interface)
    • Identify the essential wirings and loop diagrams intricate in SPI


    Duration : 32 Hours

    Price : Rp. 4.000.000,-




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